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WSummer's End

Summer's End

The final six weeks of summer took us to the far corners of Oregon, including multiple visits to the Grandparents, Sunriver with the Marsh family, Chemult for Owen's away camp, and the beach for a hike of Cascade Head.
25 September 2013
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WShawano 2013

Shawano 2013

Once again the Stuenkel family descended on Whispering Pines Retreat on Shawano Lake, Wisconsin, for a week of family visiting, lake swimming, mini golf, and air conditioning.
21 September 2013
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WSprinting Through Spring

Sprinting Through Spring

Running. That was our theme for this spring. Our kids ran on the track and the soccer field. We ran from event to event. And Drew, well, he ran just to keep up. What a crazy 11 weeks.
15 July 2013
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WSpring Break in San Diego

Spring Break in San Diego

For spring break this year we left behind cold, rainy Oregon and headed to warm, mostly-sunny San Diego for a week of fun and exploring. Trips included the San Diego Zoo, La Jolla shores, an aircraft carrier, the Anza-Borrego desert, and (of course) Legoland.
08 July 2013
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WWinter Wanderings

Winter Wanderings

This winter saw its share of birthday celebrations, trips to the beach and the Oregon Garden, and even a Valentine's Day kayak outing. Making a starring appearance is Captain America (aka: Drew) - he is our little superhero.
30 May 2013
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WChristmas 2012

Christmas 2012

In this tenth edition (10 years!) of our family Christmas photos, we go though some familiar routines (cutting down the tree; Magic at the Mill), tea with Grandma in Portland, sledding in the Cascades, and a somewhat-sunny long weekend on the coast with the Hoelters.
09 February 2013
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WThe Summer So Far

The Summer So Far

Pictures from our adventures during the first half of summer, including hiking, biking, a birthday celebration, backyard BBQs, two parades, three concerts, and a quick family trip to Sunriver.
31 July 2012
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WSpring Fever

Spring Fever

The 11 hectic weeks that make up our spring are summarized in these 85 photos, ranging from Easter to graduations; from Awesome 3000 to a wedding shower; from a trip to the beach to a Wing family gathering in Wamic.
30 June 2012
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WWild Winter Wonderland

Wild Winter Wonderland

Snow! 100-year floods! Kid birthday parties! This past winter has a bit a everything, including a lot of weather chaos. We seemed to make it through OK, with sandbags protecting our home from flooding, and friends and family helping us get through the three darkest, wettest months of the year.
20 May 2012
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WChristmas 2011

Christmas 2011

We stayed close to home this Christmas, celebrating with the Hoelter's in Portland and with Uppa and Grandma Judy here in Salem. After Christmas we spent a rainy week on the coast with the entire Wing family.
06 May 2012
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WThings That Happen Around This Time of Year

Things That Happen Around This Time of Year

Trick-or-Treating, fall leaves, birthdays, outdoor adventures, and Thanksgiving with family - it was an active Fall for us. This gallery begins with three little Angry Birds, and ends with a sunny hike along the Santiam River.
28 January 2012
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Thanks to a purchase at a wine-fueled charity auction earlier in the year, in late October we headed down to California for two days of magic at Disneyland, with a bonus day at Legoland. Grandpa Mark and Grandma Miriam joined in on the fun. Needless to say, it was an amazing trip!
15 January 2012
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WSchool Daze

School Daze

Fall brings with it the familiarity of back-to-school events: Photos on the front porch, a trip to the beach with Dad, visits to the pumpkin patch, soccer games, fun runs, and more.
07 January 2012
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A busy month of travelling, with excursions to Pamelia Lake near Mt. Jefferson, Sunriver with the Hoelters, Union and the Cove Cherry Festival, and the Silver Falls Star Party. Before all of that, we kicked off the month with a memerable canoe camping trip on the Willamette river with friends.
13 November 2011
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WNorthern California Camping Trip

Northern California Camping Trip

After a last-minute decision based on the weather forcast, we packed the car with kids and gear for a week of camping in Northern California. Stops included an extended stay at Redwoods National Park, a weekend at Lassen Volcanic National Park, and warm shower at the Resort in Sunriver.
30 July 2011
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WJune & July

June & July

Ah, summertime - a chance to get outside and do all of the things you dreamed about doing during the damp of winter. Our adventures so far include a Marsh/Wing trip to Medford (with side trip to Ashland), Owen's first backpacking trip, Sara's 4th birthday party, 4th of July celebrations, and a few (short) hikes.
29 July 2011
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WScenes fron Two Days on the Coast

Scenes fron Two Days on the Coast

Over Memorial Day weekend we escaped to the Oregon Coast, visiting the beautiful stretch between Lincoln City and Florence. We were greeted by sunshine, blue skies, and Moe's clam chowder.
27 July 2011
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WRites of Spring

Rites of Spring

Spring brought with it familiar experiences (Awesome 3000!), but also some special events, including Grandma and Grandpa's 40th anniversary, the birth of cousin Carson, and the acquisition of three cute little backyard chickens.
25 July 2011
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WSpring Break

Spring Break

We gathered up the troops for a Spring Break adventure to Spokane, Washington, Wallace, Idaho, and Union, Oregon. One reoccurring theme: Getting wet-either in form of swimming (water park!) or the constant rain and/or snow falling from the sky. Good times!
21 June 2011
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WHazy Shade of Winter

Hazy Shade of Winter

Winter really is a blur for our family. With both of us busy at work, and the rain clouds omnipresent, we tried to make the most of that rare time when sunshine and free time collide. Special events include two birthdays, and trips to the beach and Evergreen Aviation Museum.
21 April 2011
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WChristmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was spent with just the five of us at home this year, giving us some quality family time sans the travel. We were, however, able to see our extended familes in the days afterwards, joining the Hoelters in Portland and the Wings in The Dalles.
08 January 2011
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WHalloween, Thanksgiving, and More

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and More

Just before winter is truly upon us, photos from the fall holidays (Sara's a witch! Owen's a Legoman!), plus our trip in October to the Oregon coast with the Wing family.
19 December 2010
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WBack to School

Back to School

Catching up on this Fall's events, our older kiddos head back to school - Sara for the first time, Owen runs around school and the soccer field, Sara flies in the air, and Drew tries to keep up, looking awfully cute.
20 November 2010
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WSummer's Final Act

Summer's Final Act

We closed out our summer with a series of great events, including trips to Union and Sunriver, a climb up Mt. Saint Helens, and an almost-back-to-school beach trip. They were a great way to end a great summer.
07 October 2010
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WSnapshots of Summer

Snapshots of Summer

Photos from late July and early August from our various summertime activities, including canoeing, firetrucks, rivering, dinner with friends, stargazing, and nude big wheeling.
24 August 2010
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A glorious week of sun, surf and sand with the kids on the island of Maui, Hawaii. We spent the mornings on the beach, afternoons napping the little ones, and evenings watching the sunset.
04 August 2010
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WSara Turns Three

Sara Turns Three

Summer begins on a high note for us with a birthday BBQ for our girl Sara, who had an especially amazing year. We also organized the return of our neighborhood's Fourth of July Parade, for which 70 neighbors and friends turned out to walk around the historic district. It was a blast!
26 July 2010
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WFamily Gatherings

Family Gatherings

In May we were fortunate to spend a long weekend with each of our extended families: A celebration with the Wings in Union of Aunt Karen's graduation, and a Memorial Day weekend at Manzanita with the Hoelters.
21 June 2010
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Spring brings many things: Easter, soccer, a bon voyage to Uncle Micah, Jenny's birthday, Awesome 3000, piano recitals, and time spent outside. All photographed, of course. Take a look.
27 May 2010
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WMarch Madness

March Madness

In March we celebrated Drew's first birthday with sunny skies and photo buttons (and some college basketball). We also took a spring break trip to Union and Portland to visit the Grandparents.
07 May 2010
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WA Beach Trip, a Birthday, and Other Fun Things

A Beach Trip, a Birthday, and Other Fun Things

We hit the beach with Uppa and Grandma Judy, Owen turns seven, and take advantage of a very warm and sunny January and February.
27 February 2010
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WChristmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Our first Christmas with three lovely children was spent in Portland with Grandpa and Grandma Hoelter. Presents were opened, songs were sang, cousins were baptized, and a great Christmas was had by all.
14 January 2010
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Photos from around the Thanksgiving Day holiday, including a trip to Union and a kids photo shoot at Dad's work.
10 January 2010
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WAutumn Leaves & Goofy Grins

Autumn Leaves & Goofy Grins

Numerous picture of our trio of kids posing in multiple piles of leaves. We also did fun things, like a long weekend trip to Washington D.C., trick-or-treating, and visits to our new cousin Jackson Terry Hoelter.
15 December 2009
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WGoodbye, Good Friend Summer

Goodbye, Good Friend Summer

Although Summer was a blast, we welcomed our fall events: Owen's first day of 1st grade, soccer games, and some time spent on the Coast. Two great trips to Union to rounded out our activities.
03 October 2009
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A long-weekend visiting Seattle with the three little ones, only one of which did not need to be carried most of the time. Seattle Center. EMP. Space Needle. Donuts. It's all here in this gallery.
08 September 2009
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WMid-Summer Adventures

Mid-Summer Adventures

Fun in the warm summer sun: A quick trip to Sunriver for Jenny's grandparents anniversary, excursions in and around Salem, and a hike to Pamelia Lake near Mt. Jefferson.
07 September 2009
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Once every three years we descend on Whispering Pines, along the shores of Shawano Lake, Wisconsin, for a week-long Stuenkel family reunion. Good times are had by all, especially by our three darling children.
06 August 2009
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WSara and a Cast of Others

Sara and a Cast of Others

I've found that my camera lens tends to gravitate towards our little girl and her wild blonde hair, so it's fitting that in honor of her second birthday this gallery is heavy on her curls and that silly grin.
25 July 2009
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WMemorial Day Beach Trip

Memorial Day Beach Trip

As is becoming our tradition, we went to the beach with the Wing family for Memorial Day Weekend. Six grandchildren, four dogs, plenty of sunshine, and lots of good times.
09 June 2009
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WSoccer, Sunshine and Smiles

Soccer, Sunshine and Smiles

We were treated to great weather in May, which was welcome at Owen's soccer games and Awesome 3000. A beach trip with friends and a visit from Grandma Judy rounded out a great month.
08 June 2009
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WApril with Three

April with Three

With three kids in tow, we got out and about during the month of April, including cherry blossom viewing at the Capitol, a school trip to the Oregon Zoo, Easter with the Hoelters, and a visit to Ankeny Wildlife Refuge.
22 May 2009
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WAndrew's First Weeks

Andrew's First Weeks

With Drew being the third child, he joined the lives of two other little ones already in progress. A visit from Grandma Judy, a trip to the carousel, a shower for Auntie Katherine, and lots of holding time by his big sister made for an active first few weeks.
02 May 2009
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WAndrew Mark Hoelter

Andrew Mark Hoelter

Introducing the newest member of the Hoelter household! Born at March 18th at 37 weeks, weighing 6.0 lbs and measuring 18.5 inches in length.
25 March 2009
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WChristmas 2008

Christmas 2008

December was crazier that usual for us this year: Eleven days of early Christmas events, ten days of international travel, five days with family in Union for Christmas Day. All of it made more fun by Oregon's worst snow and ice storm in decades. Merry Christmas!
10 January 2009
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WSometime Around Thanksgiving

Sometime Around Thanksgiving

A small gallery from our Thanksgiving with the Hoelter's in Portland, plus pictures of our kids looking awfully cute.
09 January 2009
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WHalloween and Beyond

Halloween and Beyond

Halloween at the Hoelter household, staring Owen as a rocket and Sara as a polar bear. Also appearing are photos from Peter's 36th birthday, Sara's first professional photoshoot, and walks around the neighborhood.
23 November 2008
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WSo Long Summer, Hello Fall

So Long Summer, Hello Fall

Lots of exciting events for us during the last two months: Kouya and Sheela's wedding, Grandpa Mark's birthday, Owen's first soccer games and a fun run at school
11 June 13
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WLast Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer

We finished our Summer with trips to the beach, Mary's Peak, and other sites around Salem. Owen also had his first day of Kindergarten, and Sara learned how to walk.
10 October 2008
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WSummer Vacation in Central Oregon

Summer Vacation in Central Oregon

Summer vacation took us camping along the Metolius River and near Strawberry Lake, with a string of bike-filled days at Sun River in-between. To complete our trip we made a stop in Union to visit the Grandparents.
04 September 2008
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WJuly in the Sun

July in the Sun

The month of July included trips to The Enchanted Forest, a number of state parks, the Oregon coast, Roseburg for Jenny's grandparents, and Spokane to see baby Alex.
20 August 2008
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WSara's First Birthday

Sara's First Birthday

On a hot Saturday afternoon in June on which the temperature reached 102° outside, we hosted a backyard BBQ with family and friends to celebrate Sara's first birthday.
12 August 2008
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June was a packed month, starting of with a retirement celebration for Grandpa Mark, a hike along Opal Creek, and the Relay for Life in The Dalles with the Marsh family.
08 July 2008
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WMemorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend

We spent Memorial Weekend at the Coast with the Wings, and hosted a 34th birthday bash for Chris back in Salem.
01 July 2008
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WEaster, April and May

Easter, April and May

We had a few sunny days, a trip to Union for Easter and snow on the way to the coast early in Spring. Other happenings include Owen running a race, putting in new grass in the backyard, and having fun in the sprinkler on a 96° May day.
07 June 2008
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WWinter Sunshine in Salem

Winter Sunshine in Salem

During the Winter months, we celebrated Owen turning five, Great-Grandpa Ogden turning 88 in Union, and did what we could to enjoy the sunny days that came our way.
26 March 2008
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WChristmas 2007

Christmas 2007

For our first Christmas back in Oregon, we spent some time in Salem, Christmas Day in Portland, and nearly a week at Black Butte Ranch. This gallery does contain an absurd number of sledding photographs.
21 January 2008
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WFall in Oregon

Fall in Oregon

Here we are, back in Oregon and settling into our new home in Salem. We're getting to know our new town, and traveled to eastern Oregon for Thanksgiving with the Wings.
20 December 2007
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WCross-Country with Micah and Lucas

Cross-Country with Micah and Lucas

With the kids flying with Mom, Peter took a cross-country road trip with Micah and Lucas, traveling from Vermont to Oregon in six days.
25 January 2008
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WSara Elsie Hoelter

Sara Elsie Hoelter

Introducing the new joy in our lives.
28 June 2007
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WChris and Allison Visit Vermont

Chris and Allison Visit Vermont

We had a great time with Chris and Allision when they came to visit at the end of May. Our packed six days included an overnight trip to Montréal.
27 June 2007
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Finally, a chance to get outside and play! For us, this means bike riding, local events, and backyard fun. We even found time to take a quick trip to Oregon around Easter time.
22 June 2007
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WMaple Sugaring and More

Maple Sugaring and More

March is maple sugaring month in Vermont, and we got a taste of it not once but twice - the second time with Uncle Adam and Aunt Jen who paid us a visit.
24 April 2007
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WOwen Turns Four

Owen Turns Four

We've been hibernating for much of this long Vermont Winter, but we did awake from our slumber to enjoy Owen's birthday, a weekend trip to Lake Placid, New York, and our two-plus feet of snow on the ground.
24 March 2007
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WChristmas 2006

Christmas 2006

We had visitors from both sides of our family around Christmas – Grandma Miriam came for a few days to visit before Christmas, and Uncle Joe and Aunt Karen spent a week with us, including Christmas Day.
08 February 2007
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WMaking Our Way Towards Winter

Making Our Way Towards Winter

Photos from random events in November and early December, including a visit from Grandma Judy, Auntie Christy and Aunt Pam.
16 January 2007
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For Owen, October included apple picking, a trip to the pumpkin patch, playing in leaf piles, a chair lift ride to the top of Lincoln Peak, and, of course, Halloween.
24 November 2006
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WOnce More to Oregon

Once More to Oregon

At the end of September we escaped for a week to Oregon to attend Grandpa Hoelter's 60th birthday celebrations, and spend some quality time with the Wing in Union.
26 October 2006
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Two months worth of community events, road trips, water floats, concerts, sunsets, and even a little dance by Owen, all packed into a single gallery.
03 September 2006
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Scenes from our week-long family reunion on the shores of Shawano Lake, Wisconsin.
05 August 2006
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WCape Cod

Cape Cod

Perfect weather. Sandy Beaches. Miles of flat bike paths. No crowds. What more could we ask for during our mini-vacation to Cape Cod.
21 July 2006
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WTrip to Concordia and Lawrence

Trip to Concordia and Lawrence

We had a quick visit with family in Concordia, Missouri, and also took Jenny and Owen to Lawrence, Kansas, where the Hoelter's used to live.
06 July 2006
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WMonth of May

Month of May

May was a busy month for us, but we did manage a few fun things, like Kid's Day with Owen and Dad, and a camping trip to the Northeast Kingdom.
26 June 2006
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W April


With Winter behind us, April was a good time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We also were lucky to have Grandma Judy join us for Jenny's birthday.
13 May 2006
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WThe Winter That Wasn't

The Winter That Wasn't

Our Winter was pretty mild by Vermont standards, making snow scarce and snow-related activities a bit difficult. On the plus side, we were able to reclaimed our backyard sooner than last year.
30 March 2006
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WAdam and Jen Get Married

Adam and Jen Get Married

We went back to the Northwest to attend Adam and Jen's wedding in Prosser, Washington, followed by a few days in Portland with friends and family.
01 February 2006
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WChristmas 2005

Christmas 2005

We had a number of Christmas first's this year: Owen's first program, Jenny's first Christmas work day, and our first Christmas with just the three of us.
14 January 2006
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WFall Gives Way to Winter

Fall Gives Way to Winter

As the cold settled in to Vermont, we enjoyed a great week-long Thanksgiving visit by Christy, Jeff and little cousin Ben Watson.
23 December 2005
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Despite it being the second-wettest October on record, we were able to catch a glimpse here and there of a classic New England Fall.
22 November 2005
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WSeptember Wanderings

September Wanderings

Uncle Kouya came to visit Owen for a week early in September, giving us another excuse to go canoeing and touring.
05 November 2005
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WBathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

03 November 2005
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WLate Summer Fun

Late Summer Fun

Owen closed out the summer by canoeing with Grandma and Grandpa, watching a parade go by our neighborhood, and exploring a number of beaches with no clothes on.
07 October 2005
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WTractor Riding and Porch Sitting

Tractor Riding and Porch Sitting

After the wedding weekend, we headed out to Union, Oregon for a relaxing week with the Wing family.
19 September 2005
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WChris and Allison Get Married

Chris and Allison Get Married

In mid-July we (barely) made it back to Oregon for Chris and Allison's wedding, followed by a short family reunion in Corbett.
12 September 2005
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WOwen in New York City

Owen in New York City

How to turn an unexpected 13-hour airport layover into a fun family outing to the Big Apple.
11 August 2005
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WEarly July

Early July

A small gallery of random photos from early July in Vermont. Be sure to look for Super Owen!
08 August 2005
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WVacation in Maine

Vacation in Maine

To celebrate the end of Jenny's internship year, we took a week off and camped, biked, and swam in the great state of Maine.
27 July 2005
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WPedal and Paddle

Pedal and Paddle

Let Summer begin! June provided a number of opportunities for us to head out and have some fun.
06 July 2005
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WMay Fun

May Fun

May's (slightly) warmer weather allowed us to get outside more, do a bit of canoeing, and enjoy a visit from Jenny's parents.
22 June 2005
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WSpring Finally Arrives

Spring Finally Arrives

It came later than we´re used to, but Spring did finally come to Vermont.
09 May 2005
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WWinter in Vermont

Winter in Vermont

Yes it´s cold, and yes there´s lots of snow on the ground, but we´ve learned there´s nothing wrong with that.
06 March 2005
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WBack to Oregon

Back to Oregon

In January we made a trip back to Oregon to see family, friends, and Owen´s brand new cousin, Ben Watson.
27 February 2005
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WChristmas 2004

Christmas 2004

Though Christmas this year meant being far away from our familes, Uncle Adam was kind enough to trek out our way and visit Owen the week of Christmas.
20 February 2005
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WLate Fall

Late Fall

While it quickly turned cold in November, we still managed to squeeze out a few nice days before Winter really set in.
12 February 2005
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WOctober Visitors

October Visitors

We enjoyed visits from both Peter's cousin and family—Kristen, Kent, Linnaea and Gustav—and by Jenny's parents near the end of October.
04 December 2004
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WFall in New England

Fall in New England

Fall was typically beautiful for Vermont, with plenty of red-leafed maples, blue, sunny skies, and no shortage of things to do.
21 November 2004
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Taking advantage of beautiful weather, we did our best to get out and about in September.
28 October 2004
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WOne Soggy August

One Soggy August

We had enough nice weather amid record August rainfall to enjoy a visit from Peter's folks, our home, and the outdoors.
06 October 2004
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After Jenny's first rotation ended in late July, we took a long weekend trip to Montréal.
13 September 2004
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WJune & July in Vermont

June & July in Vermont

Scenes from our first two months of living in Burlington.
12 September 2004
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WThirteen States of Owen

Thirteen States of Owen

Our 3,600 mile journey from Oregon to Vermont took us through thirteen states. Owen loved them all! Okay, some more than others...
05 July 2004
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WLast Week in Portland

Last Week in Portland

Our last week included numerous good-byes, a lot of packing, and Jenny's graduation from OHSU.
05 July 2004
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WMay Excursions

May Excursions

Photos from a very busy but memorable month, during which we took trips to Corvallis (three times), Union, Garibaldi, and Roseburg.
30 June 2004
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WApril House Hunting in Vermont

April House Hunting in Vermont

We got lucky and were successful in purchasing our first home in Vermont with only a week to spend in New England.
24 June 2004
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W86 Poirier Place

86 Poirier Place

Photos of our new home in Burlington, Vermont
27 April 2004
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WEaster Weekend

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend with family and friends, enjoying 80 degree temperatures both inland and on the coast.
16 April 2004
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WLate Winter Sunshine

Late Winter Sunshine

It's been an excellent Winter here in Oregon, and Owen has certainly made the most of our balmy weather.
14 April 2004
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WGreen Valley, Arizona

Green Valley, Arizona

We spent four days in and around Tucson, Arizona, visiting with Grandma Stuenkel, soaking up the sun and taking Owen for a couple of swims in the pool.
31 March 2004
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WOwen's Second Winter

Owen's Second Winter

Owen continues to learn and do new things, including a trip to Central Oregon with friends.
21 February 2004
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WOwen's First Birthday

Owen's First Birthday

We celebrated Owen's first birthday on January 17th with family and friends at the Capitol Coffee House and Bistro.
14 February 2004
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WChristmas 2003

Christmas 2003

We spent Christmas in Eastern Oregon with Jenny's family, and also had a "second Christmas" with the Hoelter's when we returned home.
31 January 2004
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WDecember Adventures

December Adventures

December was full of new things for Owen, including a trip to Minnesota with his parents.
18 January 2004
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WThanksgiving with the Hoelters

Thanksgiving with the Hoelters

For Thanksgiving we spent a couple of days at Black Butte Ranch with the Hoelter family.
03 January 2004
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WFall With Owen

Fall With Owen

With Fall passing by quickly, Owen tries to make the most of the cool, rainy days.
26 November 2003
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WOrcas Island

Orcas Island

In late September, the three of us spent an excellent week on Orcas Island, part of the San Juan Islands in Northwest Washington.
18 October 2003
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WOwen Loves Summer

Owen Loves Summer

With Summer winding down, Owen took advantage of the sun while he still could.
16 September 2003
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WOwen Goes to Wisconsin

Owen Goes to Wisconsin

We all took a trip to Whispering Pines near Shawano, Wisconsin to a reunion of Peter's family.
05 August 2003
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WSummer of Owen

Summer of Owen

Despite half of his first Summer gone already, Owen has experienced quite a bit, including his Uncle Joe's wedding.
04 August 2003
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WOwen's New Adventures

Owen's New Adventures

Owen is growing into quite a little boy...
25 June 2003
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WOwen's First Easter

Owen's First Easter

We spent a very nice Easter Sunday at Grandpa and Grandma Hoelter's home.
10 May 2003
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WA Trip to Wamic

A Trip to Wamic

In mid-April we made a trip to Owen's Great-Grandpa Wing's home in Wamic, Oregon.
10 May 2003
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WOwen Smiles

Owen Smiles

Our son is now flashing smiles at anyone who shares a grin with him. We've added photos of Owen smiling and other images from the past month.
09 May 2003
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WEcola State Park

Ecola State Park

While not exactly full of Owen shots, we took some nice photos from his first trip to the beach.
09 May 2003
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WEdge Babies Photo Shoot

Edge Babies Photo Shoot

A lot of Peter's co-workers have had babies recently - 6 babies in 13 months! We decided to all get together last week and attempt to take a group portrait.
23 March 2003
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WOwen goes to Union

Owen goes to Union

Owen's first road trip to visit Grandma Judy and Grampa Mark (Wing)
12 March 2003
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WOwen at 7 Weeks Old

Owen at 7 Weeks Old

We're not sure if seven weeks is an important milestone, but we can't believe he's that old already!
06 March 2003
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WOwen's Baptism

Owen's Baptism

We had an excellent weekend as family and friends gathered to celebrate Owen's baptism.
24 February 2003
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WOwen Gets a Bath

Owen Gets a Bath

We make an attempt to bath Owen, plus other shots from the past week. Warning: Contain gratuitous naked Owen shots.
19 February 2003
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WJenny (and Owen's) Baby Shower

Jenny (and Owen's) Baby Shower

Due to the fact that Owen was born BEFORE the original shower date, the baby shower was finally held this past weekend, one day after Owen's original due date.
09 February 2003
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WHolding Owen

Holding Owen

A popular pastime of our family and friends is taking a turn at holding Owen.
08 February 2003
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WOwen at 2 & 3 Weeks Old

Owen at 2 & 3 Weeks Old

More shots of Owen during his first month of life.
08 February 2003
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WOwen's First Week at Home.

Owen's First Week at Home.

There were lots of changes in our house with Owen home from the hospital.
27 January 2003
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WVisitors to the Hospital

Visitors to the Hospital

We had some great visits with friends and relatives in the hospital
17 January 2003
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WOwen at the Hospital

Owen at the Hospital

Photos from Owen's first week of life in Good Samaritan Hospital
17 January 2003
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