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Hobbit Book Talk

16 March 2013

For an assignment in 4th grade, Owen gave a book talk on The Hobbit with magical results.

Little Musicians

13 November 2011

The kids enjoying a musical fountain at Legoland California.

Sara Takes Flight

03 October 2010

The 167 photos Owen shot over a four-minute period stitched together into a time-elaspe video of Dad throwing Sara up and around. (music: Black Thorn Stick by Hem)

Tumbling Down the Cape Kiwanda Dune

23 September 2010

Drew and the gang gracefully descend a very large sand dune.

Big Ben

03 May 2010

Owen plays his favorite piece during his very first piano recital.

Beware of the Tides of January

29 January 2010

Owen gets momentarily trapped by a big wave, but bravely makes it down off the rocks.

Sara's Baby Jesus Song

03 January 2010

Sara becomes inspired by a manger scene on top of Grandpa and Grandma's piano, and improvises a song about coats for Baby Jesus.

A,B,C's and some kicking

08 June 2009

Part two of Sara's singing debut, this time with kung fu and her pesky big brother.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (almost)

08 June 2009

Sara does her best rendition of the children's song, but gets distracted by the "gamera".

Queen Sara

20 February 2009

Where ever she goes, even if she's spinning, Sara is the center of everyone's attention.

Secret Code

17 November 2008

Owen shows us how to view the secret code using his detective tool.

Rain Puddle Fun

14 November 2008

Sara experiences her first puddle-stomping with big brother Owen.

So You Think You Can Dance?

14 November 2008

The kids go crazy over "Hampster Dance"

Owen at Paulina Peak

06 August 2008

Owen narrates where we are, what we're seeing, and what those little white fluttering things are in the background.